We are trading in the areas of living resources such as steel, chemicals, and coal (graphite) that are close to everyday life.

In particular, we are discovering growth engines with eco-friendly materials and resources in preparation for environmental problems that reflect the characteristics of industrial materials.

we are conducting various activities for a stable supply chain by securing copyrights such as equity investment in companies and mines.

Steel products, (slab, billet) thin plates, electronic steel plates, surface treated steel plates, steel wires, rear plates, steel pipes, round bars, steel wire specials, stainless steel products

We are developing our business mainly in industries that require steel materials such as automobiles, shipbuilding, energy, and construction. Along with the import of steel materials and trade between the three countries, we are focusing on logistics Internet-type businesses such as exporting and supplying materials to overseas demand sources of Korean companies through local subsidiaries.

Through the development of HWAN INTERNATIONAL Global Network and related companies, we will expand cooperation with domestic and foreign steel consumers and steel companies, and invest in new products and new growth regions to create new values and continue to grow.

Coal, Graphite

We are developing a resource business that requires energy generation. It supplies energy resources to the demand source through imports of coal and graphite and trade between the three countries. In addition, various activities such as equity investment activities are being carried out to secure a stable supply chain.